"Love for a certain city is caused by feelings experienced there but not a city itself"
Marlene Dietrich

Ecobud Building Group Company proudly presents to your attention one of its projects – Obriy Family Club – a cozy and compact cottage town in the suburbs of Kyiv. The town is located only 9 km from the city on Novoobukhivska highway and includes 12 residences with properties from 20 to 31 hectares.


This cottage town is located on a picturesque hill that offers an amazingly beautiful panoramic view of forests, fields, and a pond. In a harmonious combination with nature and unique landscape, Obriy Family Club creates a unique atmosphere of green oasis located away from noisy and fussy megalopolis.


Obriy Family Club is a project of future that builds today. The project is based on a concept “Life in harmony with nature.” It includes wide open windows, songs of birds in the mornings, evening chirr of insects in the grass, eternal stars above the head and at the same time an absolute silence that impossible to hear in the city. It also includes a revel of spring colors and a penetrating azure of summer sky, a multicolor autumn fall of leaves and a dazzling winter landscape.


To live in Obriy Family Club is like feeling a special closeness to nature and live in harmony with it, be full of energy and power that nature itself has given you. It is like forgetting about stress and bad mood, strengthening health. It is like enjoining and breathing the “tasty” air in every season. Simply live!



Kyiv is a city with rich cultural and historical inheritance, and 1500 years of history.  Proximity to Serpent’s Wall, which is probably one of the most grandiose military engineering constructions of the Middle Ages, is an absolute advantage of Obriy Family Club.


Ancient Ukrainian legends bind the origin of these walls with a legendary blacksmith serpent fighter. Defeating a frightful serpent, a hero harnessed it to plough and bordered his country with huge furrows.


Historians think that construction of Serpent’s Walls started in the middle of X century and continued for another century on some sites, but the main works were completed during the period of governing of Volodymyr. It is quite possible that Volodymyr involved military engineers and builders from Byzantium to build some fortresses.


The main military purpose of Serpent’s Walls, which, together with channels formed a complex system of labyrinths and completely closed spaces, was probably in removing the abruptness of Pechenegs’ raids, slowing down nomad hordes to Kyiv, and also in making their falling back to steppe difficult.  The Story of the Passing Years links mass town planning at southern defense lines with the name of Volodymyr.


 “And Volodymyr says, “This is not good to have so few towns near Kyiv.” And he began to build towns on Desna, and Oster, and Trubizh, and Sula, and Stuhna…”



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