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A solar accumulator Paradigma Aqua Plasma 19/50 2 pc.

Solar accumulators Paradigma Aqua Plasma are characterized by high performance during the cold season and low solar activity. They work only in the high temperature by heating water up to 60°С and more. That means that the accumulator works as an additional boiler. Higher performance with smaller area and without additional components
- Long operation period
- High performance
- It is resistant to weather impact in unfavorable conditions
- It doesn't become frozen
- Water as a heat carrier
- Sunlight conversion into heat energy


A ventilation unit with heat recovery Waterkotte EcoVent

Combined extract and input ventilation with a heat exchanger recuperator
EcoVent Waterkotte provides regular air change and prevents excessive humidity, mold and odor formation. Regular air change significantly reduces the concentration of bacterias, dust and other harmful substances in the environment.


A hybrid solar electric power plant Waterkotte EcoPower Station

A three or a one-phase performance allows to use solar energy and achieve independence from a power supplier. EcoPower plant based on up-to-date technologies controls and distributes the flow of electric power in your house.


PV panel

A photovoltaic power station supplies a house with a flow of electricity. In the daytime, extra energy goes to a shared network, and it compensates from that network at night.


A charging station of an electric car E3 / DC

A charging device E3 / DC Tour 2 for an electric car is an extension of electric power plant functions (Waterkotte Eco Power). It allows using electric power from the central network and electric power of solar collectors for charging cars. An integrated monitor displays charge status and gives an opportunity to choose a certain charging mode. Thanks to a connection with Eco Power plant, device control can be made through the electric power plant.


A wood burning fireplace with a water circuit Wodtke Giro Water +

A wood burning fireplace with a water circuit allows combining a modern fireplace with a boiler into one equipment. A fireplace doesn't need additional lining and is characterized by simplicity of installation compared to traditional fireplaces. A boiler gives 70% of power to a water heat exchanger, and the other 30% of heat is for heating a room where a fireplace installed. It's recommended to install an interior boiler Wodtke as an additional source of heat.


A combined storage tank Aqua EXPRESSO 840 liters

A combined storage tank Aqua EXPRESSO is a thermal energy storage canister with an integrated hot water station in sufficient quantity and with the stable temperature.
- A layered water distribution system
- Fine temperature control
- Stable temperature of hot water supply


An internal unit of a heat pump air/water Waterkotte EcoTouch DA5018Ai

- A measuring system with a large number of sensors
- An integrated web interface for remote control
- R410A refrigerant doesn't contain chlorine, it's harmless to ozone layer
- A built-in anti-vibration clamper Silenter®


An external unit of a heat pump air/water Waterkotte DA5018Ai

- Maximum efficiency due to Waterkotte control system
- A control opportunity through the web interface
- Optimization of multistep thawing regime
- Rotation frequency control for reducing the noise level


A geothermal heat pump Waterkotte EcoTouch DS5027Ai

Earth heat probes are placed deep into the ground through vertical wells. Thus, the heat can be obtained effectively from deep soil layers through a geothermal power plant.
- A 4,3-inch color touchscreen
- An integrated web interface for remote control
- Intuitive software of EasyCon control system
- A measuring system with a large number of sensors
- R410A refrigerant doesn't contain chlorine, it's harmless to ozone layer
- Circulation pumps with adjustable speed, efficiency class A
- A built-in anti-vibration clamper Silenter®


Worldwide, the water from artesian wells is considered to be a treasure and a strategic reserve of a country. A 143 meter artesian well will be drilled in Obriy Family Club. After a water analysis, specialists will prepare relevant recommendations, select and install water-purification systems that include roughing filters, iron removal stations, water softening stations and more. Usually, there is a pretty small number of microorganisms in groundwater, and a concentration of malignant bacterias is almost impossible. We will provide a centralized water supply from an artesian well, and drinking purposes will be its central function. Moreover, artesian water doesn’t contain radionuclides, nitrates, nitrites, and other harmful elements that makes it especially valuable for people.