The territory of the club town located near a forest is equipped with modern services and utilities and has excellent landscape characteristics from sunset to sunrise. Obriy Family Club will be equipped with a modern children’s town, an open-air relaxation area with a swimming pool, an outdoor grill and a stove, a promenade area. Other available services include: a tennis court, a basketball court, an adventure park. To relax or overload your body, your choice.

It is important to mention the following advantages: 
1.Excellent internal and external infrastructures and very convenient traffic intersection, 5 minutes to Kruglyk and exit to Odesa Highway, Odesa Square, Expocenter of Ukraine or 4 minutes to Novoobukhivska Highway and exit to Vydubychi.
2. Everything for new horizons of your life is nearby: restaurants, sports complexes, lakes…
3. Thanks to unique natural resources and dynamics of development, this place becomes very popular among wealthy residents of Kyiv, and it’s big luck to buy an apartment or a residence here.
4. Twenty-four-hour video monitoring and patrolling.
5. Main water supply.
6. Power supply (20 kW per each site). 
7. A supportive environment of like-minded people in the face of neighbors.