"Love for a certain city is caused by feelings experienced there but not a city itself"
Marlene Dietrich

The cottage town is located 9 km from Kyiv on a hill with an amazingly beautiful panoramic view of forests, fields and reservoirs. In a harmonious combination with nature and a picturesque landscape, Obriy Family Club creates the atmosphere of a quiet green oasis, far from the noisy metropolis.

“The monk’s forest, the Serpentine ramparts and ravines around – this place on a picturesque hill is impressive. Filled with a thousand-year history of our glorious land, hidden from prying eyes, with extraordinary views of the horizon of the evergreen forest… And just 9 km from the capital along the Novoobukhiv highway.

Unique places require an exceptional approach. We harmoniously combine innovative solutions and nature. Our goal is not just to implement the best project of a club town in an amazing place. We create a community of like-minded people, the basis of which is family values ​​and harmony with oneself and the world. Residents of OBRIY Family Club love life, appreciate nature, practice a healthy lifestyle and want to make the world a better place. We are changing the image of country real estate, introducing modern eco-architecture – obriy-family.club/uk/cottage/, innovative solutions, energy-efficient technologies and materials – obriy-family.club/uk/ecotech-2


Club house for residents

Innovations next to age-old nature, modern comfort and Ukrainian traditions of coziness – this is how Club House welcomes residents. In the cottage town there is a whole range of possibilities for a comfortable life, health care, sports, leisure and a place to work. The Club House has combined a restaurant with an organic menu from a nutritionist, a fitness area with a boxing ring and a separate space for yoga and pilates, strength and cardio machines, an eco-shop, an Ayurvedic clinic and an open-air swimming pool. Also, a reliable storage facility is provided here for the new demand of time.





Also in the territory of the town

Street Workout
Playgrounds for children and teenagers

Football and basketball courts

Tennis court

Park area



Next to us

Manufactura Shopping center


Eguides Club Equestrian Centre
Paton Yacht Club
Gvozdov Ski Resort
Skyclub Paragliding School