"What is the most important? Perfect illumination in every season."
Oscar de la Renta

Our residences have plenty of light! Generally, our residences are two-story houses with a fireplace in a living room and a second light, with big terraces on each floor and a covering area for cars. Well-designed house plannings, plenty of sunlight, up-to-date construction technologies and smart filling – it’s all about your house. Fill it with your favorite things and flowers, breathe in life, color it but most importantly live! A kitchen and a dining room is a shared room without any interior walls. An office or a game room for children can be on the first floor. All service areas, a guest bathroom, a laundry, and a storeroom are located compactly and within touch. Putting children to bed and putting out the light in children’s bedroom on the second floor, you can continue your conversation in a living room by seating by a fireplace. The second floor is a private area with bedrooms with access to a terrace, walk-in closets, and luxurious bathrooms.